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Dear friends. I’m just as you are concerned about the loss of our main developer and plot writer Maxiess. For half a year he does not get in touch with the messenger and social networks. Previously, he was also lost for one or two months leaving for the farm. I don’t know what to do with the project, I completed the sprites, backgrounds and GUI and other little things, but without writing a story it makes no sense to spread it. I am just as you are concerned about the current situation and I apologize. by Hroft32 .... If you didn't see this comment below this is whats happening as of right now.

when the update!? ;D

cant waight for the next update owo

When is the next update

no clue 


I love this game so much! I want to get together with John. He’s sooooooo hot! I love him.


He's been offline on everything it seems

im guessing something happened to him IRL

i hope to god that isnt the case  :(

Yea. But it could just be some Money issues or moving, or his computer died

or that somehow his computer went haywire and he needs to get a new one but just doesnt have the funds to do so



Dear friends. I’m just as you are concerned about the loss of our main developer and plot writer Maxiess. For half a year he does not get in touch with the messenger and social networks. Previously, he was also lost for one or two months leaving for the farm. I don’t know what to do with the project, I completed the sprites, backgrounds and GUI and other little things, but without writing a story it makes no sense to spread it. I am just as you are concerned about the current situation and I apologize. by Hroft32


I would like to see the sex scene of the main character with Joan and the main character with serdant. Well, more scenes

Umm.. I know alot of people already said this but.. please comeback, this is a really fun game to play, maybe your just busy and don't have any time for the game, so if that is the case please let us know😅..

Geez... This is really nice story! Yes Jean, I love the uniforms too ;)

Totally looking forward to see more updates!!

Are there going to be anymore updates?

This is so good. Was disappointed when it just stopped. Please continue this, there story line is very interesting, really got my attention.

Also, because it bugs me, there is no such thing as a 13:00pm, its 1300 hrs. Sorry, it just really bugged me.

🤣🤣 it also bugs me when the time is in USA format. Here we use 24h differently. It's 12 hours a.m. and 12 hours p.m.

It's strange even to explain 🤣

I can tell. I'm just used to my aforementioned format, that's  how I've used it for so long, and with the Army if you say otherwise, they'll just correct you. So a.m and p.m with hundred hours is not a thing here. Us Americans are apparently special with our measurements. 😁

You haven't update the game scenes February 1st and it's starting to get interesting with John 


oml please come back this game is so good so far and I really want to see it to its finish

Are you coming back? Please?

Is this game gonna update again? lol

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I played this game last night i didn't read any dialogue i just skiped all the dialogue becuase i haven't a lot of time but the game impress me a lot. keep going kile this guys good job !

THE_TACOskiller from Italy

(3 edits) (+1)

I have to say, as many others, this VN (visual novel) has a great potential. Sadly there are so many errors that even for one like me, whose native language is not english, they're really distracting... I see now... because it was translated from russian into english, that's why.

Also, the expressions of the characters or the scenes often won't match the story. 

These are some thaughts for now. I don't know if the game itself isn't finished at all (like others here in this genre) or if you are just going to add more. Since I am not even half way through, I guess, I haven't experienced much but I know that there's one story line missing. Okay so it seems I played through.

Take your time. People mostly prefere quality over quantity.  

To be honest I think it went too fast when John told the “main character“ to put his head on his lap but it's no big deal after all.

You now may think I only have bad words for your work but it's really not like that. I only discovered VNs recently but I have played through a couple by now. Most of them are very well made and much longer so I am propably more critical than I should be. I know it takes time to write and do all the work which comes with a VN. 

(To name a few VN: Tennis Ace, WSSAP - Wolfstar Sins and Paradise, Uncommon Breed, Human Cargo (not the best artwork but pretty great story and romance), Guardians of ParVa'La (very unfinished but super story so far (and sex, if that's important to you)). These onse are insane. There are more but I haven't managed to play them, yet. (For example Morenatsu, Echo, After Class, Adastra...)

Anyways good luck with bringing out future updates and keep it up! 

Cheers from Germany

( By the way the story so far made me really excited for what is coming up next. I have some ideas about what might happen, though... ;)

i love the game 😊

So this is a pretty good update. As promised, the buttons and titles have been translated. There are no complaints about the buttons, but the names do not look very good. (This is just my whining, do not worry). In addition to small grammatical mistakes (I believe in you, Hroft32), I noticed one serious.

If you decide to talk about the corpses and the next choice you answer the letter, the main character will want to talk again about the corpses and show us an empty map.

I have to say the game surprised me. The history and the environment are well implemented. The character graphics are very changeable when Jean suddenly loses the weapon or the helmet. Here and there are a few typos, but the game has very good points in terms of structure and characters. I hope Jean gets a little more attention I already like him. I am excited which way it will continue.

1. Refectory and my Office are swapped on the card at the computer.

2. If you do not give the necklace to Nikolai, there will be an error screen and if you press Ignore the scene is already over = 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/Map6.rpy", line 142, in script
Exception: Sayer 'Ni' is not defined.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/Map6.rpy", line 142, in script
  File "C:\Users\ERDAL\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 593, in execute
    who = eval_who(self.who, self.who_fast)
  File "C:\Users\ERDAL\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 509, in eval_who
    raise Exception("Sayer '%s' is not defined." % who.encode("utf-8"))
Exception: Sayer 'Ni' is not defined.

B101 0.1

i'm loving this game so far, i hope that for next update may include sex scenes and if there was a sidestory or something to have with john that'd be nice, he is so cute!

also i realized that in some parts the music sounds really bad and lazy (no offense) so you could improve that like the gym music or battle music.

i like a lot the direction the game is going and i'd say that it really got a lot of potential, please keep adding more stuff to it, i love it!

noooooo "Do you like him?" and then To be continued!!! why are you guys so good with Cliffhangers?!

(2 edits)

Ok, downloaded the new version and tried to boot up a save before speaking with the prisoner a second time and got this for my trouble after I did two rollbacks and the game auto closed.


After going back two saves to the mess hall it went as normal, damn weird though. Good thing I'm one of those save often kinda people.

Will leave the trace log up regardless.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 256, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 260, in <module>
KeyError: u'_main_menu_screen'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 295, in bootstrap
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 487, in main
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 147, in run
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 761, in run_context
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 256, in script
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 814, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 1719, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 260, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 330, in call_in_new_context
    return renpy.execution.run_context(False)
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 794, in run_context
  File "renpy/common/_layout/screen_main_menu.rpym", line 28, in script
    python hide:
  File "C:\Users\zakst\Downloads\B101-1.11-pc\renpy\", line 313, in pop_dynamic
    del store[k]
KeyError: u'_main_menu_screen'

B101 0.1

well that was nice little update it was pretty quick if I do say so myself and not sure if you know about this error  or not but I ran into an error when I chose the option to wait for Nikolai but all in all it went by pretty quickly since I continued from where I last left of it ended right when we fell asleep on Daddy Johns lap now thats one lucky MC hehehe I'm so jealous lol 

Thank you! I will fix the bug you found.

When will the next update come? 

[code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in script File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in NameError: name 'NotYourBuziness' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in script File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1656, in execute if renpy.python.py_eval(condition): File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1749, in py_eval return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals) File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1743, in py_eval_bytecode return eval(bytecode, globals, locals) File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in NameError: name 'NotYourBuziness' is not defined [/code] 

While playing it again taking other choices,the game gave me it at the second day,I guess. Tough I'll just ignore and continue playing hahaha

oh,I found some scene errors with Jean. He is talking with me in my office,but during the dialogue his Sprite is changing. One sec he is with a hat,the other isn' one he has a weapon in his back,and the other don''s strange haha

Also,I discovered you can die in the game o.O it shocked me haha

I believe these bugs are fixed in this new update, please tell me if they are not, or if you find more bugs! 
The game would be no fun without some deaths!

it is only fun when the enemy dies...but not you or the character that you're trying so hard to get in a relationship 🤣 it was really a surprise to me that both me and the sergeant can die...oh,and I think there were soldiers that died in that scene too,tough the narration doesn't even talk about them...poor soldier

error at the cell with the bull...or...sheep..i guess..looking guy

Hello. I discovered the game yesterday looking around in twitch. It seems promising. Even tough there isn't much story yet and there lots of grammatical errors,I liked what I saw so far. Also,the story is very thrilling and captivating...most of the time I was imagining myself in the story - and the time I wasn't is because I was thinking about the wrong English hahaha.

I'm curious to see how it will develop.

Tough the art is pretty basic,I liked it. Tough simple,it is very cute and good...makes me think of simple and humble too haha. The expressions are very good too. Tough they're not full of details,like pro artists,you can easily get what that expression is and the emotions in it,which I think is very important in a VN,as it also helps to make you feel more like yourself is participating in the plot,instead of just being a 3rd person viewing it all from outside.

That bunny doctor gives me chills too... I only played one time,so I don't know the other routes yet - I'll play after this comment,I think -,but man,I still don't like that bunny haha. The sergeant seems to be a good character,even tough it is a bit hard to initiate an amicable relationship with him... So far,I liked Jean the most. Se is so cute ^-^. Plus,I think a NSFW with him would be very interesting... hehe. He is so ambiguous a lot of times. I was shocked when he was introduced,as he basically just showered with me after some greeting...but it was interesting, and I liked 😉

I don't remember now,but I think there wasn't some sort of transition bugs - at least the route that I played so far. The only thing that I saw were English errors and,in the android version that I played, it was annoying to start the game,as the keyboard was above the Start button,and above the customization buttons too...I needed to make the keyboard little and let the phone in vertical to be able to play...without even knowing the customization options ;-; oh,other thing too,in the menu,when you change the language to Ru,the main menu doesn't changes the,if you didn't saw that the color of the idiom selected changed,you need to start the game to know.

I'm a bit curious...are you Russian? I think that is the first VN that I see in Russian...and probably the second game I see - at least to me it seems like it happens in Russian territory - in Russia. The other one was Metro Exodus haha. Tough I'm not gonna play I'm Russian,as I  only know one word in Russian that doesn't even helps me,and I still say it wrongly:  Русский.

Oh,something that I missed a bit was the date. Like...I was thinking of report the grammar errors I found,but there is no reference in game time to use,except the actual you plan in implementing days in the future?

I think I already saw it somewhere...but do you plan in doing sex scenes? Or just more NSFW scenes, like Jean in his white underwear - which makes him looks even more hot hehe - ?

Well,anyway,liked the game. Congratulations for the work already done and I do hope you continue the project. I'll be waiting - probably a little anxious - to see if you do post an update this month,as it is near the end of February ^-^

See ya, kiss in the cock o/

oh,before I forgot it. There were some dialogues that were hard to read...actually I think there was only one at the beginning of the game. If I do remember correctly it was a talk with Jean,and it was a bit hard to read due to the words almost mingling with the snow in the background 🤣

Hi Mukjz! Thanks for the biggest review I have ever received! Sorry for the grammatical errors, my English is not very good, but Sean from Ottercorrect Literature Services is trying to fix it (Poor boy, it's a lot of work).

The project still has a long way to go and it has a lot to improve, but we are working on it! Hroft32 is saving me with the drawings, none of us are professional, but he has a lot of potential, while I should return to the stickman drawings hahaha. Hroft32 is also responsible for the Russian translation, I am from Brazil, I do not know anything about Russian.

The android version is still a problem to be solved, I believe we will need to make a different code especially for it, a bit of work but not difficult.

Implementing the date is a good idea, worth a try.

There will be sex scenes in the game, I still need to work the story to lead to this, but I can say that it is not far from happening XD.

I really appreciated everything you said, thank you very much. Let's work on improving every topic you have!

The new update is now available, I hope you enjoy the changes!

that itch didn't even notified me about your comments...I only saw it now,sorry. 

Lol,I was thinking you were Russian or USA. Também sou brasileiro :P  bom que facilita a comunicação haha

Hmmm interessante que vai ter cenas de sexo 🌚 realmente,imagino que tu ainda esteja fazendo a história,afinal,está bem no começo o desenvolvimento.

Realmente...ele vai ter que corrigir muita coisa hahaha

Eu vi suas artes no FA,não são tão horríveis quanto você faz parecer. :P

Nossa...agora que me dei conta de uma tu também é brasileiro quer dizer que tu tava acordado e na internet as 3 da manhã? 😱 dormir faz bem criatura 🤣

Eu desenvolvo melhor de madrugada, mas ainda não dormi haha

Rapaz, espero que você não tenha ficado ofendido quanto ao seu post, ele vai ser muito útil pro projeto! Mas não dava para manter ele aqui nos comentários .

Sim, ainda estou desenvolvendo a história, gasto mais tempo rescrevendo coisas do que escrevendo coisa nova haha, mas ainda tem muito por vir.

Tem um Russo e um Norte Americano me ajudando com o projeto, dei muita sorte!

Meus desenhos são terríveis, os primeiros servem só pra rir, mas ainda to aprendendo tb.

Ah,tá explicado. Você é bem exótico 🤣 A maioria das pessoas desenvolvem melhor tipo de tarde ou no fim da manhã. Caraca, vai dormir fi 😱

Nah,de boa. Eu realmente imaginei que tinha muito spoiler 🤣🤣 espero ter ajudado. E ainda tem tipo uns 20 print de coisa que achei q não havia mandado aqui. Te envio no e-mail. 

Ah,mas mesmo reescrevendo ajuda a dar inspiração. Fora que tem coisa que realmente precisa ser reescrita kkkk

Que daora. Mas isso me deixa muito curioso...como que tu conheceu um russo e conseguiu ajuda dele? Norte Americano da para entender,já que né,inglês hoje em dia é essencial,mas russo tá bem longe do mesmo 🤣🤔

Ah,mas rir também é importante :P é, e tu só vai aprender fazendo...mesmo se os primeiros são horríveis,tu vai aprendendo por tentativa e erro 😊


I just finished playing the demo and I gotta say I really like the characters i think Jean is just so adorable to the point where its just so cute lol and John is such daddy and I love it lol  and the story is pretty interesting can't wait to play the next update please keep up the great work! when do you guys update the game anyway?

Thank you! I also think Jean cute and guess we all need a Daddy hahaha.

There is a new update available, please, check it if you have time!

yay a new update ill be sure to play it as soon as i can and give you feedback as well and heheh yea he's very cute that its just adorable and hahaha you're not wrong about that we all definitely need a daddy especially one as hot as John  OWO 

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the new update.


I love the story so far, but i'm a little confused, how do you get in johns good graces?


Basically in the maps you need to go after him, and when you have to make a choice you guess what would  please him. A tip is he don't like to wait and don't like to have his invites denied.

The game still in development and has a long way to go, still don't have any major "interaction" between the characters. But it might have soon.


Thanks for the info and keep up the good work :3

May i ask if y'all have an update scchedule?

We do the updates in the last day of the month. 


(2 edits)

Wow, just wow! This is not only a great visual novel, but I could see my native language in it. Very beautiful work of the artist, smooth animation and a well-built plot! Only sometimes the characters jump from the informal "ты" to the formal "вы" and this sometimes causes confusion. (Russian pronouns). Please continue your project! Hello from Russia!

(* ^ ω ^)/ 

P.S. Nikolai is a great name.

Спасибо за теплый отзыв. Возможно где то остались ошибки с местоимениями "ты" и "вы". Но я старался сделать общение персонажей более формальными в начале игры, а позже более дружественными. Жан как самый скромный, ему сложно перейти на ты и он общается на "вы". А Джон, сразу пытается "доминировать" и как то тебя вывести из себя, указывая на твою неопытность, по этому он может и грубить, обращаясь на "ты". Ну, может я и сам пропустил где-то какие то моменты. В следующих апдейтах перевод будет гораздо улучшен. Уже со следующего, будет полный перевод имен и кнопок в меню. Спасибо еще раз за положительный отзыв)

by Hroft32

Hi @Maxiess i really enjoy playing this game just some little thing i need to say about its so bright anwer i have sometimes if it could be the qestuons darker to have a clear viev of them what i kinda miss on earlly game starts was like in first army like it was personally fast start i would like more about some backroundstory how he get in the army how meet leopard friend like for me personally is missing on start but when u got the ice army it start to have point you start have feeling for the characters who are there like meet them now about them better some romance starting and i like the smart strategy like no fighting try to have piece no killing i like that point and that elevator its really interesting there so many things what can doing down there some experiments on ppl or something like that cause that and Jean was affriad of that doctor bunny (sorry about names not my best side) :D and also what i like about your game you can like have a character and u see him his face animation its really cool will be interesting if have the others in menu choose character like difrent story that would be really interesting i would like that personally i really enjoy myself playing this game and i am looking foward to see more of this game and story  and sorry for this long coment :D and sorry about my english i am from slovakia xD 

Hey NexusDarius!

 We change the letter type for the next update to see if get easier to read all the text.

I have not giving much attention to George in the old updates, but slowly this will change, and with him you will be able to know more about the academic life of the player. I am happy you are enjoying the story, I know still has a lot improve tho. 

The character appearance and animation is Hroft32's work, he is doing some amazing job in this project. 

I enjoyed reading all your post, no reason to apologizise about the size of it, and my english is not that great either, Sean are carring the weight to fix it for me XD. 

Thank you from Brazil!

wow .. do have more 

Next update by the end of the month!

cool i hope there is a sex scene

i've finished both endings and i gotta say, This is definetly a really good VN. Its got amazing potential and i kinda want to strangle the Lead Scientist. HE HAS ZERO VERBAL BOUNDARIES?! Its a really good mix between Confusion, Love and Secrecy. So far, i love it, and its written like a book series that leaves you with a cliffhanger everytime! Thank you so much for putting time and Effort into the game and keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much Mr. Kaos! Believe or not the Lead Scientist will be a dateable character hahaha. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the game!

😱 I'll pass away from that route,thanks. He is too suspicious to me. I think he sees dead people 🤣🤣🤣 what a bad reference 

He is in need to show something good, or everybody will hate him! 🤣

At first this interested me, so I tried it. It was worth it. I was disappointed by the cliffhanger but I read that it's the first version so it makes sense. The game is great! The story is paced nicely, however, there are some grammatical mistakes in the dialogues. Other than that, the characters are superb and their interaction natural (and Jean makes me want to hug him). There are things to be improved but the basics are very solid. This is definitely going to my watch list and I see a bright future for it (y) Kudos from Indonesia :D

Thank You! About the grammar mistakes, Sean is fixing it for me since I am not a great english writer.  The game is in development, still a lot of space to improve. Your feedback is really important! Hello from Brazil!

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3

Thank You! Soon there will be a new update.

great but did the story is good too :3

Thank You! XD

Hey! Came across this project, and would love to try it out, but your download links seem to be broken (Might I suggest using something other than OneDrive?)

Can I ask witch plataform you use?  Windows, Mac or Andorid? Because you are the first one reporing this problem! But I will give more download options for the next update.

I'm on Windows. The download seems to be working now, so probably just a glitch.

I see, even so, I will add more options to the next update, to avoid these kind of problems. 

Thank you!

Great game!!!!..nice story.i like johns story.(Hope there will be Human choices for character creation:)))..can't wait for the next your game:)

Thank you, I think John is everybody's favorite path, I need to make the others more interesting XD! There's  plans to human charactes, but I can't say for sure when it will happen. Next update by the end of the month, I hope. 


Great game ! love it so far... can't wait for more !! greetings from France !

Hey! Thank you, glad you enjoyed! By the end of the month will be another update (I hope). Greetings from Brazil!  

yeepee ! looking forward to discovering it ;^)

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